ACUC Magazine is Coming

Amstrad CPC User Club Magazine shortly ACUC Magazine is coming. this magazine includes Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW, Amstrad NC and Amstrad GX Articles and Game Reviews. its only english magazine about Amstrad CPC/PCW/NC/GX…its preparing and process is continues… Software4Galaxy Publishing is main publisher. it presents Digital and Printed Version. It will be published 3 times… Continue reading ACUC Magazine is Coming

Scribbles at the Orange Street

I dont know about my english level. i decided to don’t look dictionary while im writing this scribbles. because really its very important thing exclude support from difference source. i try to write my quiet screams about english speaking. i want to define myself and my living in the normal life. sometimes i can scare… Continue reading Scribbles at the Orange Street

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Public Call for CPCUserClub

Do you want to Join our Amstrad CPC&PCW User Club? We have Got whatsapp group. If you want to join our whatsapp group, you can say hı to +905554983655. This group talks only english language from all of the World. Like austria,italy,england and turkey… dont hestitate for say hi. And i can add our CPCUserClub.… Continue reading Public Call for CPCUserClub

My Watch Passion

watch expert is repairing my vintage longines watch. i think this process will finish in 1 week. its exciting times for me. because i love only old watch brand’s products. like omega, longines, zenith and bulova. but longines and bulova are very special for me. i love this brands. my bulova and longines watches have… Continue reading My Watch Passion

Scribbles into the Night

This is not short story only this is scribbles into the night… I love write something for all free times. Because I relax with my dreams while I am writing something. If I think write story with literature, I must use long sentences that must wiring a lot of page. But my teacher tebo said… Continue reading Scribbles into the Night