My Watch Passion

watch expert is repairing my vintage longines watch. i think this process will finish in 1 week. its exciting times for me. because i love only old watch brand’s products. like omega, longines, zenith and bulova. but longines and bulova are very special for me. i love this brands. my bulova and longines watches have a battery mechanism. I want to buy an automatic longines in the next years. my bulova watch is marine star series for water proof. it can support 200m water proof. its diver watch. and my longines has water proof for washing hands. and i have got another 2 winding watch. this watches are swiss made old mechanism. Two wrist watches were inherited from my grandfather. this watches brand are jupiter and vialux. im using another watch for outdoor activities and this watch has got shock proof so professional outdoor watch. watch’s brand is casio g-shock. so I own 5 watches in total. I have only dreams of getting an automatic longines in the next years. when i buy automatic longines it will be my second longines watch. I will never buy another watch forever. I have a passion for watches. but I only prefer swiss made wristwatches. It’s not just bulova swiss made. but bulova watches have very important features. I think it is one of the best watch brands in bulova.

I also have a desktop alarm clock from my grandmother’s mother. It has a watch from the disney series and a picture of the cartoon character bambi on it. I will have it revised and overhauled sometime.
I had previously inherited two Swiss-made watches from my grandfather, and had them overhauled and maintained. they are like zero hours right now and are quite punctual.

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