My Single Point Managed Computer System

My Ideal System: Between 5 and 10 years System that I do not intend to break:
Physical Workstation:
System used with 1 Monitor – 1 Keyboard – 1 Mouse with KVM Switch:
-Mac Mini (Uses Same Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse)
-Workstation PC (Using Same Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse)
-Amstrad CPC + VGA Converter + Symbos + RSF3(Waiting) (Same Monitor, Using Mouse)
-Amiga + piStorm + RGB2HDMI (Uses Same Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse)
In this system, jumping between systems is made with a single button on a single monitor.
and these 4 systems are used with one monitor, one keyboard and one mouse.

I do all my work and servers with HP DL160 Gen 6 – 48CPU + 198GB RAM
OpenVPN and Nvidia GT1030 graphics card are installed in the system. Client PC and licensed
My Plesk and Server software are working. my main pc is on this machine
and I access my host from anywhere. 200mbit Upload as it is in DataCenter
I have a line. My licensed software such as SQL Server Enterprise is on existing cloud servers.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Playstation 3 on other LCD TV/monitor
At the same time, I keep a 37-inch tube TV for use on ZX spectrum and c64 to see the difference in the connected state.

Handheld Console: I currently have a Nintendo DS Lite with R4 card.

Retro Machine: Notebook with Batocera that I have reserved for Retro games only
and Commodore or Amiga joystick with the adapter that I can attach, but I will load Lakka on it. You can reach all devices with the original joystick.
I can try games.

My Audio Cassette Transfer and Recording Hardware:
Sound Recorder and Player USB transfer digital 128mb device with mic and headphone input
Sharp Double Cassette player – Many I/O aux ports available including CD

My Main Retro System Machine Hardware:
Amstrad CPC 464 + USIFACII
Amstrad CPC 6128 + RSF3
Commodore 64 + pi1541 + Commodore 1541
Amiga 500 + piStorm + RGB2Hdmi
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

What I Can Enjoy in the Future:
-Amstrad PCW 8256/8512
-PSP Vita (For outdoor activities to be Emulator machine alongside Nintendo DS Lite)

Note: even if I buy any other device it will not be on my main system. It may be a device that I am haphazardly tampering with.

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