Now I Will Write My Books With Amstrad PCW 8256

Amstrad PCW 8256 – Made in 1983, the computer is the first computer I saw and used when I was 3 years old. I saved one of the best condition ones on my way to the computer museum in England. He will be leaving the UK today. After a long journey, I will have my Amstrad PCW 8256 computer. I will be writing all my regular posts Amstrad PCW 8256. my goal is to write at least 1 of my books with Amstrad PCW and edit them with Amiga 500. It will be quite an exciting wait for me…

The post I wrote on this subject in CGTR and a very good answer from a friend

My Amstrad PCW 8256 device has already arrived in Istanbul from England. As you know, he was the author of 7 books and there are poets in the series. From now on, I dream of writing my books with Amstrad PCW 8256, editing them with my piStorm powered Amiga 500 and sending them to the publisher. Writing a book takes 6 months or 1 year anyway. first I have to completely modernize my devices and make them work stable. I want to write all my books with Amstrad PCW and edit them on the Amiga 500, but it is not clear that we will go out to the world tomorrow. that’s why my first book to be published from now on will definitely come out with this system. And even having that conversation motivates me. In 2022 (or 2023), a book was written in Amstrad PCW 8256, edited and published with the Amiga 500. That’s what I’m going to do to get that word said, and I’ll be happier writing that book. and that will be my motivation tool.
I will not be able to install Symbiface on Amstrad PCW 8256 due to global chip problem, but I have already ordered Gotek. Gotek will work with the 3” driver. Amstrad CPC 6128 is already an entertainment machine…
I’m installing the systems I want, there are different hardware and systems in the background. It uses 4 systems on a single screen with KVM switch, and my cloud systems are already in the datacenter where I can easily set up up to 16 machines.
Amstrad PCW 8256 has been a great source of motivation for me after years with the Amiga 500 with the piStorm attached. also CPC 6128 with RSF3 attached…

Our friend ercanersoy supported this issue and talked about the advantages of special retro devices on some issues:

Some of the features below are not available on all legacy or retro systems.
They turn on immediately when the power comes on.
Only one application is running at a time. People can concentrate on one application at a time.
There is little danger of malware.
They can be turned off at any time. There is usually no danger of file system corruption. Only care should be taken when writing to media such as floppy disks.
Their technology is generally cheaper than today’s technology. For example, 64 KB of memory is very cheap nowadays.
For the same computer platform, the accompanying programming environment is usually sufficient. There is no need for technology instability like Python, PHP, .NET, Java. Many tasks can be done with a single BASIC interpreter.
From my point of view as DoctorCPC, the reason for this is as follows:

Actually, there is another reason for the event other than being a fan of Amstrad CPC &PCW and Amiga. Much better concentration on the green screen and no other distracting apps in the background without being exposed to silly notifications. The other reason is the first computer I used and saw when I was 3 years old. Then I decided to become a computer engineer at the age of 4 when I had my own Amstrad CPC 464. Another reason is this motivation… I was very motivated to write a book just because I bought Amstrad PCW. There are many psychological and motivational reasons for me. Not only using Amstrad PCW, it also contains many memories…

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