My Dream System with All Computer Systems

While listening to music over bluetooth over Amstrad EX 330 Amplifier, I will be playing small smybos videos that will make IRC and VOIP calls with Amstrad CPC+RSF3 and I will be writing my text on Amstrad PCW 8256. I will write small rhythms with Amstrad Fidelity CK100 when I take a break while the demo screen is rotating on the Amstrad Emailer Plus screen. I will take my little notes with the Amstrad NC 100 and keep the amateur radio and shortware radio logbooks… I will edit my writing on the Amiga 500 piStrom. I will prepare the pictures with photoshop on the mac mini. At the same time, I will reach countless linux&windows servers and linux&windows clients on my physical machine in Datacenter from my storage device mirroring 1TB+1TB and 1TB+1TB and 500GB+500GB mirroring on my Storage PC. Since I have GT1030 on the server, I will play small games on a client over it, and at the same time I will code for artificial intelligence applications. My sites like Dizzy Radio and CPC User Club are on a virtual server on this physical machine on Plesk. I will be playing non PC games with Playstation 3, Nintendo DS Lite, Atari 2600 and Sega Game Gear. Commodore 64 is already installed SID, when I want to listen to music, I will open it. but Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Laser 210 or any other device I can buy, the devices I will open whenever I want, other systems will not always be installed in “MAN CAVE”. Well, it’s almost time for me to reach my dream system. some of them are installed but some of them are missing parts and will be completely finished within an estimated 2 months. Since I run current operating systems and programs in DC on my 192GB Ram and 48CPU device and open them remotely, if I upgrade only in the future, the server will be upgraded. and I will never tamper with or disrupt the system for an estimated 10 years. other than minor upgrades… it was only my 37th birthday to make my dream system. My favorite model in Amiga has always been the Amiga 500. some hardware came out new, in the old years there was no good accelerator for the Amiga 500 Commodore 64 did not have a pi1541. unlucky so far. It’s almost time and I’m very excited. That’s why I wanted to share it with you…

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