Analog Photography and the First Questions That Come to My Mind


I started analog photography for a while. I am about to finish my first movie with the Olympus IS-100 camera. Then I will work with Semi Leotax from my late grandfather, made in 1940, with 120 roll films. While I was trying to finish the first movie, multiple questions came to my mind and I asked them in a facebook group about Analog photography. A friend of ours also replied. I share my questions and answers. I gained a lot of experience. I will also do a dark room setup in the future. I work with Black and White films because Black and White darkroom is easier and less costly to set up. color films are quite difficult and more expensive. For this, I will only work with Black and White films for a long time. I do not know what the future will show.

Question I Asked:

Greetings, friends, I’ve just started, I’ve taken 26 shots with the black and white Olympus IS-100 so far. I choose the night exposure setting instead of auto at night. My first question is what are the effects of this setting? Does it have the same effect as digital machines? secondly, is it ok to fire a flash while shooting in night mode from far or near? Or does it have a bad effect to fire a flash in a long exposure?
My second question is, can you send me a couple of pictures to see the difference between stale, expired film and black and white photographic film that has not expired and has a shelf life? I will not set up a darkroom until at least august. I will keep the movies I shot during that time and start a mass darkroom photo printing business.
Another question I have is how many minutes will it take for me as a photographer to print one by one on photographic paper for a 36-inch film. Then I guess these photos need to dry, I can’t control that part. As I said, I will continue to research and understand until August.
I will also go to the circus khayyam passage to find a simultaneous master to use my machine with a 1940 made Semi Leotax full manual and even an original tripod and a tripod and machine leather cover for a while.
The Olympsu IS-100 has automatic and 4 extra modes and is powered by 2 123A batteries. What are the advantages of using a Semi Leotax full manual 120 roll film machine? How can I proceed using this and what do you recommend to use it efficiently. As I said thanks in advance, I am already researching the answers to these questions and asking the masters from time to time. but I think your answers will be useful for new friends like me. even if your answers are clear and clear enough, with your permission, I would like to share these articles on my blog using your name. I also write articles about my hobbies on my blog. analog photography is fairly new.


The Answer I Got (Group Admin Mehmet Can Answered):

I think you can see what you have taken by first scanning the bathroom outside, if you are going to print cards afterwards, have an idea about what you have taken, you can print the frames you want. Night mode keeps the curtain open a little longer, probably using the aperture most openly. Flash is all a matter of style, it is difficult to get a clear image if you do not fire the flash, and even if you are shooting handheld, it is difficult to get a clear image. Using a fully manual camera is basically the same as putting the Olympus Is-100 in manual mode, you do all the settings.
Freshness/stale grain etc in SB film is something that can change even with the development chemical and the development process, there is no need to worry about it for now, I would say whatever film you find.
I don’t know how well you have mastered the card printing business, but you shoot the film, you develop the negative first, and then you print the card from that negative. You’ve never mentioned the negative bathroom business here.
Finally, these are issues of dedication, time and cost, it is very possible for you to give up this hobby at any stage, so I would say spare time and resources for other stages by having your things washed outside and scanned.

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