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It needs to be fixed until I can DX with my Shortwave Sony radio with SSB, which will be doing Shortwave without SSB and DX with MW with Retekess Tr608. I started working on sending and receiving QSL cards. Onur Varol, my friend, I am sharing the useful information and links he gave on my facebook to listen to his shortwave and MW radios, that is, to work as DX and SWL, which he shared on my request and request. I would like to thank Onur Varol. If you have a shortwave radio, the link and information below will be very useful.

SW and MW Frequences List

Especially if your device has a frequency shift or if you are using a device with a manual indicator, it may be useful to first check the sound you hear from the device on a websdr with frequencies close to the frequency seen on your device. In this way, you will confirm exactly which frequency you received the signal from.

Of course, the sound you get from websdr is the sound of signals reaching the area where websdr’s antenna is located. Signals reaching your area may be different.
Using the QTH Locator, which you can access from here, you can determine your location with high accuracy and share it with other DXers.
There is also the “number stations” thing, which is a completely different mystery.
You can see examples on YouTube.
Also, the following link may be useful Mysterious publications of unknown origin:

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