Amstrad CPC and 36 Years Old Challenge

I will soon be 37 years old but I wanted to add a photo of myself taken at 36 with Amstrad CPC and Pictures. Amstrad CPC 464 is the first computer I bought when I was 3-4 years old. then i got Amstrad CPC 6128 and 486 PC. nowadays i’m in an Amiga gathering period. I will add the original case, keyboard and GOTEK floppy emulator to my Amiga 500 motherboard. maybe in the future I will buy the 2021 production Vampire v2+ card for the newly released Amiga 500 and install it. life is good with hobbies. Due to these hobbies related to Amiga and Amstrad CPC, I have met so many valuable friends that we have great conversations with Amiga friends and Amstrad CPC, as well as Commodore 64 friends. Although these computer names are meaningless for the new generation, for a community close to 40 and mostly over 40 years old, Amiga and Commodore 64 followed by Amstrad CPC, Sinclair Spectrum, MSX and Atari computers are very important. valuable because we value them. If we didn’t value it, believe me, it wouldn’t be worth 5 money. but recently in 2021, an Amiga 4000 was sold for 15 thousand TL. Currently, the prices are in the band of 20-25 thousand TL. we, who lived the Amiga, or rather the home computer revolution, love the computers of that period and keep them alive. Vampire v2+ hardware, newly produced accelerators for Amiga in 2021, are zero production cards in the 350 euro – 650 euro band. Likewise for Amstrad CPC, Dandanator hardware is one of the newly produced cards. The minority who lived through the Home Computer revolution are very special people who have seen the transition from analog to digital. They are at the beginning of very important work at this age. let’s get these hardware and let’s do GURU meditation (the name given to mistakes in Amiga)…

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