Amstrad/Schneider CPC Club

CPC Club better now. after this CPC Club is international Group in Whatsapp. We meet CPC fans from all of the world in whatsapp. CPC world is big in the world. but a few people interested with CPC. this club includes Amstrad/Schneider CPC&PCW fans. if you want to join CPC Club on whatsapp, you can send your number. after i can send group invititation. dont hestitate ask me. only whatsapp group now but we can discuss each cpc problem. please add me… our group languge is only english. please you must not use other language. if you can join our cpc user club, you can send email or private messag from any my social media account.

CPC Club includes Amstrad CPC series for example Amstrad CPC 464 and Amstrad CPC 6128 and Amstrad PCW 8256 & 8512 Computer User Club.

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