Scribbles into the Night

This is not short story only this is scribbles into the night…

I love write something for all free times. Because I relax with my dreams while I am writing something. If I think write story with literature, I must use long sentences that must wiring a lot of page. But my teacher tebo said me you must write short story. Therefore I try to short story in English with not complex sentences. My story name is Dizzy’s Story in 2021… Dizzy character is egg shape. Dizzy is egg but Dizzy is speaking, talking and he has got family. Dizzy is old computer game character. And he solve problems and he rescue him family. I think this is not story. I am laughing because story writing is very hard and it take a lot of time therefore my write like daily or like self talking. I can write events in week. I bought handmade leather wallet. And this wallet in shipping process. And I bought handmade leather wristband. Dizzy is only old game character. Dizzy Is not very important but life events are very important for us. For example I think I get to marry with someone. And I rised my carieer plan. My new position is business development manager. The winds are blowing in my life… and dust is flying but its not like shakespare. Because similar sentence like shakespare novel. I think novel name army etc. but old English literature is very boring for me. but new aga English literature is very quality for me. if I compare English literature and Russian literature, I can choice Russian literature. But in old literatures. At the same time old Turkish literature is very quality contents. And you must know turkey is not only turkey. Turkey has got very long history. Because turkey’s old name ottoman empire so this empire Turkic empire. And Turkic history is very old. Turks borns Noah’s son’s yafes’s son’s Turk.

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