1. Amstrad ASCII Combo

my dear friend logiker prepared great competition. This Competition includes Amstrad CPC computers. and you must make best ASCII drawing. You can participate in the competition until 30 June. Competition link for participating: http://logiker.com/1st-Amstrad-ASCII-Compo

Amstrad/Schneider CPC Club

CPC Club better now. after this CPC Club is international Group in Whatsapp. We meet CPC fans from all of the world in whatsapp. CPC world is big in the world. but a few people interested with CPC. this club includes Amstrad/Schneider CPC&PCW fans. if you want to join CPC Club on whatsapp, you can… Continue reading Amstrad/Schneider CPC Club

poems are written with pen and paper

I no longer write my new poems on the computer, but with ink on paper with a cheap fountain pen. I recommend my third and last poetry book, The Coast of Rebellion, to all poetry lovers … Poems written in the orange street in Şile …

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Objects From My Toy Collection

Some are from the 80’s, some from the 90’s, my wind-up or figure toys. Some of the cars are from the 80s. The toys I just bought are about 100 hotwheel cars. In recent times, if I add toy objects to my collection, there are usually 1:64 model cars. I can’t find old quality toys.… Continue reading Objects From My Toy Collection

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