About the New Challenging Global Revolution and What May Be


A new order is established after every chaos. An epidemic expected to last 18 months or more. At the same time, the virus will mutate and new forms will be released. Along with natural selection, he will choose the nature.
The issue I would like to mention is about the order that will change. all work is done online from home or living space. I already see that some software developers in my industry are doing business to full-time salary firms in America. I was doing business on some issues without going abroad.
In the new world order, stressful situations such as traffic and oil consumption seem to disappear. But socialization will now take shape according to profiles on social platforms or dating sites. Most dinosaur computer science experts who already know the development of the computer have experienced this process.
While it was an option to use these platforms in the past, it may become essential. and we have already entered the age of robots, but it would be a very ambitious approach to remove all the unskilled heavy workers so that they would now operate robots, and the traditional structure would show resistance. the new global revolution has accelerated this process, and the transition is happening slowly. I see that most factories in China have started to hand over jobs to robots. All of this should not have been a reason that could be formed instantly at the will of the human beings. The transition to the industrial revolution has been challenged years ago, and competition has emerged, and this has led us to World War I.
As a prediction, the new global revolution will and will be establishing its new order. But what is frightening is not socialization and man's new lifestyle. After the challenging nature's revolution, the competition between countries can increase and the possibility of the 3rd world war.
But if we look optimistically, online work will lead a more prosperous life among all the people of the world, more precisely the global village. In countries where the old generation will be completely wasted and cannot manage it well, a civil war may be inevitable. To avoid this situation, those who do not fulfill the requirements of the new revolution will not be able to get rid of the status of a completely backward or developing country because they cannot have a voice in global competition. However, good dialogues of giants can also prevent the outbreak of World War III. It is certain that many different methods will be used for managing societies and changing perception.
Good and bad in human nature scares me a little. Sometimes, the best part of it is that when it increases its pressure on other states with the desire to be in power, it can be a spark situation, which triggers the inevitable war.
Otherwise, the use of robots in heavy and repetitive tasks that we will talk the most in the new global revolution forced by nature will be the results. Now, we will inevitably see that people have the capacity to work without having to worry about working from a single point and going to work with many jobs we deliver to robots, artificial intelligence. I was already doing and implementing it on behalf of myself. Sometimes I could earn more money that I would earn when I worked somewhere. Of course, changes occur in your social life or not. Well, if you say what kind of change can be in cafes or similar places where you can socialize, I can imagine that the concepts that come to my mind are not at all distant. When you have a drop of blood on the sensor at the entrance, it is a concept that you can check whether you are healthy or sick and you can enter special socializing areas accordingly. Nature, which chooses only healthy individuals, will also offer people who need to talk and socialize. Anyway, the healthy individual must also be doing his job in special areas related to creativity and interpretation of information, otherwise he will not be able to go to the cafe. Is not an area created for the use of autonomous taxis and cars? Most of the new technology we talk about will be able to find use in this new global revolution pushed by nature. Why wouldn't I prefer a self-disinfecting driverless taxi or car. Instead, I would prefer a non-disinfected taxi that sneezes and adjusts the air in the taxi to its own comfort ...
Examples can be listed more often, but a few of the many ideas that come to my mind. By the way, it can be much more lethal when the virus mutates. We know that viruses are mutating, this information is certain. Could the new mutated form be more lethal, this is not certain, but it is certain that even every new form of flu is stronger than the previous one. Of course, nobody wants this to happen, but we cannot know what nature will bring us. It is certain that even a young person will not be so comfortable when there is such a mutation. They do not say what I do with the turkey remote closely related to this earth and completely turkey is one of those countries in the globe.

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